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Voice of Democracy Winners

Congratulations to the Voice of Democracy winners: 1st Kayla Schilke, 2nd Ruth Dodge, 3rd Adelaide Maxwell and Patriots Pen winners: 1st Ashlie Benge, 2nd Correy Koellner, 3rd David Weiss. They all were awarded cash prizes and Kayla, Ashlie, Correy and David will be competing in the district competition.

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Imperial Outstanding Young Citizens

Nominate a citizen who is worthy of the outstanding designation!

The City of Imperial is sponsoring a new program to recognize citizens who go the extra mile to make their community great!!  The only requirement is that the nominee be a resident of the City.  There will be one citizen recognized that is 18 years of age or younger, and one that is over the age of 18 each year.  If you know someone that you feel is worthy of this designation, fill out the simple form and return it to the . . .

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