Empowering students to succeed

Our Mission

Chase County Schools creates exceptional opportunities, fosters strong relationships, and empowers students to succeed.

Our Values

We value student behaviors that are safe, responsible and respectful.



Calder Forcella | High School Teacher

"I was looking for a rural community and found CCS. When I began researching schools, I saw that they are committed to raising the bar in both academics and activities. I liked that they provide students the necessary skills to be successful in whatever future endeavors students may embark on. I've been here for 3 months and my favorite part of working at CCS is the people. The family atmosphere of the staff, support from supervisors and the board, and involvement/support from family community members/families is amazing! Additionally, we have great hard working kids that makes everyday fun!"


Abigail Bauerle | Middle School Teacher

"Before becoming a teacher at CCS, I was a student. I came to the district from a Spanish-speaking family and my English was limited. From the start, my teachers at CCS ensured that I got the best instruction possible in order to help me excel academically. When I was frustrated my teachers took the time to help provide additional help, whether it was staying after school, coming in early in the morning, or taking time from their plan periods. When I doubted myself my teachers helped encourage and guide me. One of my biggest role models of all time is my high school art teacher Mrs. Zuege. As a student she made me feel validated and important.The impact that Mrs. Zuege and other teachers had on me encouraged me to become an educator. Because of the great experience I had as a student at CCS I wanted to come back and do the same as a teacher. I have been teaching at CCS for three years and my favorite part of CCS is my coworkers. They all go above and beyond for our students."


Arlys Cupp | Elementary Teacher

"I chose to work at Chase County because the hours worked great for raising a family. My kids went to school here and it was nice having the same days off as them. Chase County has a family like atmosphere and everyone is always willing to help when needed."

Answering Your Questions:

Who to Contact

Adam Lambert


Becky Odens

K-6 Principal

Chris Barr

7-12 Principal

Where We are Located

Southwest corner of Nebraska.

30 minutes east of the Colorado border and 45 minutes north of the Kansas border

Our Benefits

Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Nebraska


We offer health coverage at the district's expense for the entire family.