Broken Bow wrestling finals are just starting. Watch on striv Consolation match Westyn @138 and Luis @145 Championship match Jaret @220
about 2 months ago, Sandy O'Neil
Watch our wrestlers today Zach Tarin will be up shortly
about 2 months ago, Sandy O'Neil
Wrestlers took home 3rd place trophy at Hiline Invite. 1st-Cayden, 3rd-Arturo, Brice, Thomas, Jaret., 4th-Cody, Zach T. Broken Bow Invite Saturday with 8:30 start time.
about 2 months ago, Sandy O'Neil
3rd place
PBIS pop shoot and cake raffle!
about 2 months ago, CCS CHEER
phi’s 2
A couple more items for our raffle/silent auction tonight! A giant decorated chocolate chip cookie and a 5-tiered cake full of homemade caramels! Come out tonight and support our Longhorns and PBIS!
about 2 months ago, Darcie Boman
Giant decorated chocolate chip cookie!
5-tiered cake with homemade caramels!
PBIS winners this week at CCS! Being safe, respectful and responsible is The Longhorn Way! If you want a behavior teach it. If you like the behavior recognize it!
about 2 months ago, Cathy Hanna
PBIS winners !
Come to the first home basketball game against McCook tomorrow night and you could win one of these (or another sweet treat) at the annual PBIS cake raffle!!
about 2 months ago, Jordyn Arterburn
Getting ready for the concert Tuesday.
about 2 months ago, Jodie Liess
8th graders are making a scatter plot of their height and age!
about 2 months ago, Malorie Connelly
Cheer on our Longhorns for their first HOME GAME of the season-This Friday night as they take on McCook
about 2 months ago, CCS CHEER
game theme
CCS CHEER is excited to offer a mini cheer camp this year for grades K-6! Registration forms will start coming home this week or you can request a form by email:
about 2 months ago, CCS CHEER
cheerleading mini camp
Earning new levels at the school bank. @AdamsBank @CCS_FBLA @JDEconRules
about 2 months ago, CCS FBLA
Monday 11-29 We will only be offering a cheeseburger today for all grades until they run out, and then there will be crispy chicken sandwiches due to our dishwasher being broke down. We will also be serving on Styrofoam plates. Lunchtime Solutions
about 2 months ago, Jeff Einspahr
Bank tellers are ready and the bank is open for business. @ccs_FBLA
about 2 months ago, CCS FBLA
FBLA bank
5th and 6th graders studied the artist Andy Goldsworthy and created their own land art!
about 2 months ago, Erin Mehlin
The past few of weeks have seen a couple of projects completed in the Industrial Tech. shop. They include a rifle sighting table built by sophomore Sean H. and a shed built the Advanced Manufacturing class.
2 months ago, Jeff Gleisberg
PBIS winners this week at CCS! PBIS at home- select one to three routines where growth is needed and teach the expected behavior.
2 months ago, Cathy Hanna
Routines example
PBIS winners
On the last day of American Education Week, we send out a special "Thank you" to all our Substitute Teachers. You are all superheroes and we sincerely thank you for the time and dedication you give to our school. #americaneducationweek#2021
2 months ago, Chelsea Zuege
7th graders experimented with 2 solutions and a control today to test their knowledge of identifying variables in an experiment. Ask them how many drops of each they could fit on a penny when you see them!
2 months ago, Marissa McDaniel
The talented artists in Spanish 3 have been learning about animals this week! Check out their word wall!
2 months ago, V. Taylor
Animal Wall