Kindergarten rocked their “person pre-assessment” project in art today! I love all the creativity and hard work!
about 2 months ago, Erin Mehlin
Homes & Interiors has already been busy building rudimentary stone houses. Please vote on your favorite and vote only once! Thank you!
about 2 months ago, Sheryl Curtis
Students creating anime characters for their portfolio! ☺️
about 2 months ago, Kaylee Gill
We made a s’more! No test tasters…well the ants did get to taste it!!
about 2 months ago, Michaela Cochran
The goal was to build the tallest tower. Meet "Timmy on the swing."
about 2 months ago, Karli Hale
The Spanish 2 students had a ball this morning playing a get to know you game in the target language!
about 2 months ago, V. Taylor
Spanish 2 Game
Chase County Schools Surplus Sale is Over. Chase County Schools will put any extra surplus in the Labor Day Sale.
about 2 months ago, Jeff Einspahr
Did these first graders creat an efficient solar oven? Stay tuned…
about 2 months ago, Michaela Cochran
solar oven
Art 1 creating their portfolios for the semester!
about 2 months ago, Kaylee Gill
Kaylie Lotspeich broke the previous girl’s hang clean record at the end of summer sessions with a rep max clean of 158 lbs. No better way to start the school year off than with a brand new record!
about 2 months ago, Nathan Gaswick
The Art Dept. at CCS truly believes that Art is for Everyone! The art teachers are excited to create with each and every one of our students!
about 2 months ago, Chelsea Zuege
Art is for Everyone
8th grade hard at work playing a drawing game!!
about 2 months ago, Kaylee Gill
8th grade
Fans can support our Volleyball team this year with 2021 fan T-shirts from Platinum. Order at the link below.
about 2 months ago, April Lambert
There’s nothing quite like the first day of Kindergarten!❤️
about 2 months ago, Jordyn Arterburn
One of the most awesome classes ever! Ready for a great year.
about 2 months ago, Sandy O'Neil
8th graders making their name tags for art!
about 2 months ago, Kaylee Gill
8th graders
CCS freshmen are excited to get this school year started with a class meeting! #golonghorns #classof2025
about 2 months ago, Marissa McDaniel
The Art Dept. welcomes Miss Mehlin (K-6) and Miss Gill (7-12). 2021-22 is going to be Art-rageous!
about 2 months ago, Chelsea Zuege
Miss Gill
Miss Mehlin
We are ready to go in the K-6 Art room! Thanks for coming to the open house!
2 months ago, Erin Mehlin
K-6 Art
High School Volleyball Scrimmage Monday, August 23 @ 5pm. Come support your Longhorn Volleyball Teams!
2 months ago, April Lambert